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>> ideas never thought i would -- ever.i saw today it is a sight of devastation like there was a bombing. >> that is blocks and blocks of sand on the jersey shore. new jersey governor chris christie said yesterday that it sorrow but that today would be a start of recovery. touring newama is jersey to see the devastation firsthand. atood morning washington" 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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>> glad you're with us. its october 31. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. most schools are open on time, has a two-hour schools and loudoun s on a one-hour delay. r crofton elementary school in arlington is closed. >> keep an eye on the top of screen for any last-minute changes. meantime, our forecast on wednesday, with jacqui jeras. >> still a lingering impact from sandy. we will see that today in the cover also, temperatures much cooler today. average byy below degrees throughout much of the next seven days. river flooding remains a heightened concern as several rivers breached their banks in .he viewing area be receding tomorrow
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.nd friday we have some sprinkles across parts of the west in culpeper county and front royal. you might see a few little snowflak mixing in, but no big deal. cool andt will be bright, 43 currently, 50 by noon. 5:00, 54 degrees with cloudy skies. a few more breaks of sunsine. treat forecast is in a few minutes. first let's a check on traffic jamee white's ferry is shut down. i will let you know when that will reopen. vre trains, metro rail, e operating on schedule on a normal schedule. we will keep you posted if there are problems. around the beltway, virginia, tysons, quiet. quiet in bethesda. earlier crash on the inner loop
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near 450, than has been cleared. 50 the john hanson highway, accident but they got that to the shoulder. inbound 50, traffic approaching , normal. 53 cheverly, heading into town, normal. avenuejersey at madison there are water main closures. >> the latest headlines from the of sandy. president obama headed to new visit some ofo the areas which have been devastated by the storm. >> he will be during those areas jersey governor chris christie, however, the president city.ot visit new york mayor bloomberg is ok with that. blumberg said he spoke with the president and his team of staff tuesday and the city would but first thehem city officials have a lot of things to do. is blamed for 50 nearly 70the u.s. and more and caribbean. the storm left 8 million
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customers without power nationwide. working around the clock thery to restore power to customersousands of in the d.c. region. they are making progress. numbersok at the latest -- most of those outages are in anne arundel county. power outages could make the tricky forittle headed back to school this morning and people get to work. out another school closed, in howard bowman bridge. those at the top of the screen. brianne carter has more. morning. prince george's county schools announcement yesterday schools would be open but that the appeal -- but xl academy --
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excel academy, the lights are willut we don't know if it reopen. is not beente updated. we called a 24-hour weather line. queen elementary school, we're not sure about that school either. we are still waiting on that. has been out at these two schools. the power companies have been working around the clock to try asget the power back on quickly as possible. just no word on whether or not the students can go back to two schools.e we do see the lights on, so we hope that's a good sign. we hope to have more and 30 minutes. carter reporting, abc 7 news. flooding is still a concern residents and homeowners in the area of. that includes old town alexandria, where john gonzalez coverage.e team the water is receding.
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>> that is the good news. the waters have receded substantially in old town isxandria, but the bad news about a block down the street still two feet normal tides. have high tide coming in and around 10:00 this morning, which is why many of the streets are still closed. you can see the barriers, cautioned tape. businesses still have the sandbags and covers in front of their businesses. many of the homes as well are ofling with the same kind thing. to put the sandbags out. during the height of the storm, the area was really scared. it appeared the folks were not flooded.e -- not going to be flooded. at 9:00 last night before the tide, this entire area was 3 feet of water
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river jumpedomac its banks. this happened very quickly. folks said they went to dinner old town and by the time they came out everything was under water. back here live, this is south street. you can see 4 blocks and blocks there's caution tape. these roads are closed. except for our crew, there are streets.arked on the a lot of nervous residents and this morning keeping a close eye on the potomac river. high tide att 10:00 -- 10:06. >> another area we are watching is northwest washington. is out there live with the storm chaser. >> he's ready for halloween. >> happy halloween. it's a big day for all the kids and that some adults. we will have some river flooding
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along the potomac river. are on ohio drive near the it south of the bridge. we will have a little more river flooding, but it is standard fare from the start of storms f rainfall.s a lot o to assure you the debris the water made it through yesterday evening. the water has since receded, but the tide will be coming back later this evening. all that water into the atomic upstream and flowing willtream, and that combined with high tide this cause a crestll about 8 feet for the potomac here near georgetown. that is at a moderate clouds standardt pretty much - that isaround here - at a moderate flood stage. it is 40 degrees. later on tonight for trick-or-
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agreeable,t will be temperatures in the upper 40's near 50 degrees, but not with much of a breeze. like a coinnot look to rein on them. to you guys inside. >> he is one happy pumpkin. >> he is. 5:09, 41 degrees. >> the countdown to the 5:09, 41 degrees. >> the countdown to the eggs, bacon, and pancakes.
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captioned by the national captioning institute morning, washington. i meteorologist jacqui jeras. today.and cool the remnants of sandy are overcast. we could get a little break this afternoon and very little in a sunshine the next two days. some sprinkles off to our west. parts of culpeper and fauquier county, stretching towards front royal and towards martinsburg. it will not amount to much. flooding continued to be a problem. here's why. look at some of these storms total numbers. la plata, just over 8 inches. almost 5 inches at reagan today's.over the
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43 degrees currently, a south wind at 8 miles an hour. starting in the 30's across of the east. we should make it to the low to mid '50's this afternoon. trick-or-treat forecasts, mostly cloudy and coo upper 40's to 50. definitely need something under keep you warm.o let's check on traffic. we hope it stays alert alert calmer than yesterday. we are starting to see cleanup. -- we hope it stays calm. willard avenue is closed between wisconsin avenue and river road because of flooding. on theer mill rd screen. wisconsin avenue is open, but it
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willard that's closed. beltway is open. no problems on the maryland or virginia beltway. if the john hanson highway, accident before the beltway has been moved to the shoulder. trains, metro rail, vre be operating today. the good news. back to you. >> thank you. 5:14 right now. >> nba commissioner david stern forhing some heat
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until election day. the presidential campaign returning to full swing today. one major candidate will not trail.he campaign the president will be in storm damage in new jersey. former secretary of state madeleine albright will campaign him in virginia, in charlottesville, manassas, and r town. >> mitt romney resuming normal campaign activities today. , in tampa,in florida coral gables, and jacksonville. had a storm relief effort in ohio yesterday. >> we want to get a look at what happening outside, with jacqui jeras as we're watching the river levels and flooding. >> that will continue to be a
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concern. goose creek in northern virginia go down now.o the monocacy river is one of our because it's as be receiving bye in frederick tomorrow. in there. late this week, i think be back in good order. the monocacy river should be receiving -- receding by tomorrow. washington, d.c., has received 5 inches of rain in the last two days. the system is no longer a closed low, so it will continue to weaken. that's the good news. widespread. is less have a few sprinkles this morning. take a look at that on the live doppler. is very light rain. a lot of what we are seeing
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be reaching the ground. u awake in fauquier county culpeper, let me know if you any light rain or any snow flurries. 43 degrees desired temperature. cool at reagan national. in the 30's especially off to and then a little warmer toward the bay. we will stay cool today. have a winter storm warning still in effect in west virginia. that is until 4:00 today. they have already seen incredible amounts of snowfall. maryland at 29 inches. cloudy and cool will be the , only in the 50s today, dropping down in the 40's a few 30's of to the west. the clouds want to stick around. at least. not wet.ast it is
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greg georgetown pike closed at old dominion. white's ferry is closed for the day.e no problems to report on the around the capital .eltway through tysons 66, greenway, told road, lanes open. loudoun county, prince william county, a number of roads closed because of ponding. ashton-sandy spring area, route 1 hundred eight at 650 new avenue, this has been reopened. they have cleared the debris. -- 108. 355 near bradley boulevard has reopened. avenue is open, but willard avenue is closed wisconsin and river road with trees and wires down. the beltway approaching new hampshire avenue leading college
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.ark, a report of a crash more on that intendments. >> microsoft is making a promise to smartphone users. apple keeping its promise to users. here's rob nelson. >> a promise from microsoft. windowsware giant says phone 8 will catch up in the number of applications available. big name iphone and android applications are currently from it. the new version of the eye nano as a 2.5 inch - xmhscreen and fm radio - radio. is great for someone who does want a complicated device. don't have to plug it computer table to use it. play music right out of with the radio. >> it comes in eight bright colors and in bright orange in for halloween.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. miami he took on the boston celtics last night. commissioner david stern to abolishile trying the victims of hurricane sandy. >> i know that everyone here and
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watching has in their plot and abiding concerns tragedy ofted by the katrina and its aftermath. that said, we have a celebration .onight >> he probably did not hear the fans try to correct him indian audience. they later clarified that the commissioner obviously meant to nothurricane sandy and in 2005.hich happened >> how do you like that? >> brandon got off to a great start in the season opener. scored eight points for the game that. thecavaliers held off wall,'s without john injured, sitting on the bench. 84 was the final score, not
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way the wizard's wanted to start the season. >> it's 41 degrees. more news at 5:30. >> federal workers and students o normal routines toda president obama: there's just no quit in america... and you're seeing that right now. over five million new jobs. exports up forty one percent.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. i can tell you that i have never seen devastation like this in my life, not in new jersey. >> ahead, assessing and recovery as the coast come to grips with devastation left behind -- straight ahead. good morning, washington. wednesday, october 31, happy halloween. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. have delays enclosures at the
5:31 am
top of your screen and at >> langley high school in fairfax county as well as homes hollowschool, sleepy elementary, and spring hill d today.ry will be close >> in prince george's, a public is closed as well as some other individual schools. keep an eye on the top of your screen. will update as best we can. >> now, meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> a little on the chilly outside. therefore the people who don't becauseer this morning are in the upper 30's and low 40's at this hour. have a little moisture still lingering. cloudy from the remnants sandy. live super doppler shows some precipitation. it's probably hitting the ground in southern fauquier county. most rest of it is probably not. enoughtures are cold be a little bit of
5:32 am
mix.try think it's enough to slippery on the roads. that bridges and overpasses always get icy first. it's 43 at reagan national, 40 dulles, 41 in culpeper, 39 in winchester, 43 in annapolis. for today, 50 degrees by noon, by 5:00. 10 degrees below average. little to no sunshine expected today. of sunshineeaks tomorrow. talk more about the treat forecast in a little while. first, a traffic with jamee whitten. >> marc trains, metro rail, the operating normally. white's ferry is closed. rock creek parkway is open. little falls parkway is shut down, a portion of it. we had an accident on inbound 50
5:33 am
the john hanson highway y, there'sg the beltwa nothing there. outer loop between 95 and new ave, not seeing much because all the traffic stopped prior to new hampshire ave. crash had been in the but now fire and rescue have arrived. so they have stopped all traffic on the outer loop right there. back to you. >> thank you. 5:33. we want to start with some of headlines from the of it has claimed the lives of more people in the united states. president obama traveling to new jersey to look at some of the storm damage today. >> he will meet with new jersey governor chris christie. the new york stock exchange will after being shot two days because of the storm. damage costs expected to reach to billion according economists. people remain
5:34 am
power, federal officials that sandy could still for michigan, ohio, pennsylvania. millions of people on the eastern seaboard still without power after the storm. but fewer than those in the d.c. area, where pepco is reporting outages in d.c., montgomery county and prince george's. dominion reporting just over outages in northern virginia. b g e, more than 86,000 customers throughout the state of maryland. those outages will have an students as they go back to class today. >> all the major school districts are resuming classes .oday brianne carter joins us from landover with more. d morning. we were waiting for word from county publics schools as to whether or not two havee schools that did not power would open today. we got word that the excel becausewill be closed of the power outage continuing
5:35 am
at the school. school, an elementary asool will be open as well here.e other schools they hope to be able to fix this .n the coming hours anne arundel county has 17 schools that will be well because of power outages. they have a large number power outages in anne arundel county. 17 of their schools will be closed. more formation of our website about that. getting word from prince county public schools, all schools will be open except excel academy. brianne carter reporting. thanks so much for the update. 5:35 right now. now moving on to some of the problems. >> water started rising in upper marlboro and alexander yesterday.
5:36 am
john gonzalez is in old town this morning. >> hopefully no more tricks on halloween for old town alexandria. they had one late yesterday evening. recededdwaters have substantially in these low-lying but the potomac river just a block away from where we are standing. 3 feelbout to about t normal side and 6here's a high tide at 10:0 why aorning, which is these streets remain closed. many businesses and homes had to sandbags and tarps. back tarps during the height of sandy this area appear to be scared. there was no serious flooding. was yesterday evening before the 9:00 p.m. high tide when area was under water. about 3 feet.
5:37 am
we spoke to some people who live here and work here and they tell was reallya swallowed up by the river in a matter of minutes. >> within a 15 minutes we saw it sides of the sidewalk and 15 minutes later across the street. best just going to do the can, use and bags and move a higher levelo out.ide it correct back here live, this is out union street. tape for blocks blocks as far as we can see. is all closed down. except for our live truck and our crew car, there are no cars parked here. folks moved to higher ground. a lot of merchants and morning areis keeping a close eye on the potomac river. onse people have a tarp hoping forws and are dry halloween. live from old town
5:38 am
alexandria, john gonzalez. >> still ahead, a new jersey woman's baby comes a few weeks early. >> the new mothers adventure as
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5:40 am
hi from butler as orchard in germantown, maryland. happy harvest time. good morning, washington.
5:41 am
>> very inappropriate for today. good morning, washington. happy halloween to you. kind of a cloudy, a dreary it not a terrible day overall. the remnants of sandy opening up d weakening as it pulls well to our north now. it's hard to pick out the center circulation any longer. have lingering moisture. much was on the radar 12 hours ago compared to now. so we are seeing less rain and snow. that will continue to diminish and that system will be pulling into ontario throughout the day and pulling away from us. do have a sprinkles off the west on super doppler. seeing that in county, a few snowflakes potentially. we still have our eyes on the river. receding.k is
5:42 am
the atomic is expected to do so tomorrow. -- the potomac river is expected to do so tomorrow. more than two feet of snow now in west virginia. west a check on traffic and weather jamee whitten. the beltway in virginia is open through tysons. white's ferry is shut down because of the potomac river swelling. beltway, all lanes shutdown on the outer loop between 95 and new hampshire avenue. newschopper 7 is on the way so look for you. right now, there's not much on portion of the beltway. westbound,outer loop because everybody stopped just before this camera shot. police were trying to extricate
5:43 am
a person from a vehicle. the outer loop between 95 and hampshire, closed. more in 10 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. it's 41 degrees. coming up, we will run down the closures as life starts to get back to normal. video of the screen starts to get back to normal. video of the screen collapsing 90 storie
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wellinside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just pressss this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >> wheat are seeing the danger in northwestes d.c. correct jummy olabanji has the latest on a fire. it shows the danger of what e working with across our area. we will show you exactly what happened. this happened in the 4500 of a coma street in northwest. you see the power crews. lacomb street.
5:47 am
a fire started on the wires. that's why it's important not to go near any live wires. no injuries reported of anyone working on the scene. there were able to put out the and are continuing to try to thatre power neighborhood. how serious this is. do see any wires in your area, whether or not you believe off, don't go near them, because buyers like that can occur. back to you. >> thank you. 5:47. schools across the d.c. area are time or justpen on a little later this morning. >> some buildings are still closed power, they don't have schools.vidual in virginia, manassas park school is closed. loudoun county schools, 01-hour delay. culpeper and corporate county schools, two-hour delay. arlington county schools are but our crofton elementary
5:48 am
is closed. school and a sleepy hollow and spring hill closed in are fairfax. anne arundel county schools will two hours late. 17 schools there are closed. the district for individual schools. is we showed you a crane dangling above new york city streets yesterday. >> now here's some video. dennis jackson shot the video as it collapsed outside the nearly complete luxury apartment building. e bigs set to become th apple's tallest residential building. they will strap it to the building when they can.
5:49 am
>> at the height of the high rain, the devastating impact for a new jersey family, but they celebrated a miracle rice. despite all of sandy's couple cannothis off their little miracle born in the midst of the storm. >> perfect. >> they had a generator, water, food, but were not prepared for this. at 5:00, they lost power, right around the same time christine started feeling like a baby come. correct the contractions were coming fast and strong. >> o began an epic journey through rain and wind. the original plan was to go to hospital, but when the ambulance that stuck in the mud, out for another ambulance. another downed trees and power lines making itthem from there.
5:50 am
finally, they wound up at a gymnasium, where doctors nearby mobile medical van baby withoutr the anesthesia. >> we are doing this. >> had they ever delivered a baby? no. >> the baby and mother are doing just fine. 5 pounds, two ounces and not even a day old, little liam has y weathered one of the of most people's lifetime. somerville, new jersey. >> thanks so much. christine and david have three other children. natural a first birth. is 5:50 right now. let's continue with jacqui jeras. >> let's see what's happening with the weather. >> is chilly outside. that will be our big headline. cloudy and cool today. 43 degrees right now. pretty light wind at 8 miles an
5:51 am
hour. 30-degree temperatures off to our west. look at martinsburg and winchester at 39, 41 in culpeper, 42 in quantico, 41 in fredericksburg. we have a lot of cloud cover, not dealing with any rain. in westernrinkles maryland. snow continues in west virginia. winter storm warning still in another 2 toem for 4 inches of snow. it's tough to pick out the center of circulation of sandy any longer. north.ifting up to the there's less rain and snow from it today. so that's good news. your forecast today, highs in the 50's. cloud cover helping keep us on .he cool side we could get breaks of sunsine,
5:52 am
on thursday than today, but at least we will stay dry for the trick-or-treaters. sunshine as we approach the weekend. the most part, sandy has out of here. one of the big problems lingering is the flooding. rivers still rising at this and coming out of their banks. is near the potomac river with the latest on that. >> good morning. we are seeing some minor now along the potomac river. around ohio drive near memorial. this is the waterline, the line from where the water yesterday evening and last night. d, but itnce recede rise back up later this probably pressed fewnd 8 feet, which is a flood stage and probably a little higher than here, later this evening
5:53 am
around 9:00 p.m. or 10:00. all the drainage from sandy the potomaco watershed and then flooding downstream. you add to that the higher of anormal tides because moon, you get this flooding. this is kind of typical for this area. georgetown had a flood wall up yesterday. you can tell that the water did against the flood wall because of all the debris. here's the graph of the potomac georgetown. will peak later on today at about 8 feet. so that's considered moderate georgetown. that's pretty much what we see with these situations. it's cold outside, only 40 degrees. more clouds and sunshine. i can see the moon, so we will little sunshine especially this morning with some low clouds.
5:54 am
it's going to beat cool especially for trick-or-treaters it is going to be cool. now to jamee whitten with traffic. >> a serious accident on the maryland beltway. 95,ing offoop, at the scene of the crash, only one lane to the by. getting this is heading from college 270, between 95 and w hampshire avenue, a serious accident. working to get someone out of one of the vehicles. it's okay after that heading through silver spring. betweenthe outer loop 95 and new hampshire avenue, again. back to you. >> thank you. planning on trick-or- treating at the white house you have to make
5:55 am
plans.nt this will not happen. >> president and first lady pat for a spooky celebration, but this year they because president obama will be in new jersey damage and meeting with the people affected by sandy. it's 5:55 right now, 41 degrees. >> a surprise elimination on stars." with the the top scorers this week were
5:56 am
5:57 am
anncr: it's s said that charactr is what we d.. when we think no one is looking. mitt romney: believe that they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas. his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll voucherize medicare... and make catastrophic cuts to education. so remember what romney said... and what his plan would do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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>> ♪ >> sabrina bryan scott the season's first round of perfect sense. not get enough votes. elimination drew plenty of clu -- of boos. no one gets voted off next week. >> you never know. the octomom has checked into rehab, citing anxiety, exhaustion, and stress. a suleman has been taking a y drugs but felt she needed a treatment program to recovery.the 14 children including eight that she gave birth to at one in 2009. a mix of friends and nannies the kids in the meantime. madee and "the artist"
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its cade knight and leads a big .tar he is telling his story his rise to fame. there he is. that follows his journey from to partsehavior days movies as well as his with directors and politicians. >> struggling dog actors need to out there sometimes. autobiography from him. in maryland people may not have been happy to see the snowfall, but this dog was. karl shot the video of the dog in theing in the snow backyard, having the time of his life. >> it's 5:00 denied. another hour of news starts right now. right now. >> livan

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